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The ANULAR steam oven combines a traditional annular pipe construction system with an innovative combustion chamber concept that reduces the masonry part to a minimum.


The indirect heating system consists of 27 mm diameter and 4,5 mm thick annular pipes; this pipes are combined in modular ring-shaped tube nests and heat the floor and ceiling of the various baking chambers uniformly.


This new construction system permits exploiting to the full the heat produced by combustion. The oven is also more sensitive to temperature changes and therefore more versatile and adaptable to different production needs.


The standard digital unit permits:

  • Controlling temperature by means of a probe located directly in the chamber. The oven also features a safety probe, located in the combustion fume outlet.
  • Timed steam supply for each single chamber, by means af solenoid valves.
  • Automatic weekly/daily oven ignition.
  • Backing time alarm setting.
  • Switching on lights inside chambers. 
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