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The INDIRECT HEATING SYSTEM consists of very thick, L - shaped Mannesmann pipes with a 35 mm diameter. Their shape makes it possible to control every single pipe and therefore to guarantee an even distribution on the heat and a perfect thermal balance of the chambers. In order to guarantee the highest reliably as regards safe operation, the pipes are sealed by means of an exclusive forging procedure used in aerospace.


The small FURNACE (combustion chamber) and the FUME COILS are completely prefabricated with three different special refractory and insulating materials:

  • refractory materials resisting up to 1400° C and having high density in order to accumulate heat
  • middle-density insulating materials set both on the sides and the fume coils and used to keep the heat inside
  • low-density high insulating material cast into metal formworks set on the front.


In addition, the small furnace is coated with insulating pressed mineral wood, in order to prevent loss of heat.


Of course, there are a number of advantages resulting form this:

  • remarkable fuel saving;
  • no need for the customer to supply any material during the installation;
  • in case of re-installation of the oven this material can be used again.
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